David Julius Roston


One comment on “Contact

  1. Robert Nedergaard says:

    Hi David.

    We are in Santiago!
    We went to the mass here at 12.00 today after arriving last night July 1st, just in time to see Spain scoring the last two goals to win the European championship.
    It had been a crazy day, as we somehow managed to walk 61 km!
    Every single day on the Camino has been special and eventful. We cherish still the time with you and Rob on the first stretch, and every region has had its qualities and challenges.
    After many hotels and many physical problems two days ago we went to the albergue Deva after Baamonde and had a very special night with the hospitalero singing and talking about spiritual development, reincarnation etc. It costs some money but is really recommendable. For me Robert it was getting back on track to the spiritual Camino and making decisions for changes in life. And our spirits were lifted for the last bit.
    If you make it to Denmark you are welcome to stay with us, just send an email.
    Buen Camino
    Robert (and Ann)

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