Stop Me From Stopping

The cold wind tears tears from my stimuli sabotaged eyes.

The motorbike on which I ride roars through Jaipur.

Elephant prints are pounded into my memories.

Jeeps carry colors on the trash splashed asphalt.

I helped her shovel the buffalo shit with my hands.

An old man in a dirty white robe rolls a giant black tire down the highway.

His toes are crusted like rust on a rickshaw.

I walk through the primordial primate temple.

Tasting fear.


A photograph can never capture the fleeting feeling

Of the heart behind the camera.

Or stares that penetrate the soul.

A dusty haze sprays a veil over my vision.

Stop me from stopping.


Typical Jaipur


My Couch Surfing hosts




Street shave – 50 cents


Monkey Temple (flooded with primates)


Outside Shiv Temple

Leaps of faith into an ancient pool (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was shot here)

Original paintings

Amber Palace


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